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  • Sam Dennis

The Number One Reason You Haven't Reached Your Goals

Sam Dennis

We all know in our heads that nothing good comes easy or quickly. Buying a house is expensive, saving money takes time. Hiking to a secluded lookout is rarely a short walk. Nothing really worth having comes easy or fast. And yet, we so often buy into the idea that we can achieve our health goals in a matter of weeks?

Now let me be clear, I'm not saying you can't make changes or build good habits over a few weeks, but more often than not our commitment to the long term is questionable. Not just with fitness, but in life! When someone is driving too slow, we get frustrated. When our coffee takes too long, we get frustrated (unfortunately this is me too often!). As a race, our ability to be disciplined and focus on the long game isn't very good.

One area where discipline matters more than most, is our health.

I'll tell you what I see a lot of the time. The very minute things start to get tough or 'busy', one of the first things we let go of is our health & fitness. Poor food choices, missed workouts, less movement, it all slowly creeps in until we've lost our habit and progress. It's funny though that we still seem to be able to hold onto time for Netflix and scrolling social media?

Even crazier is that we know these things ARE good for us, and yet they are the first thing we give up when we're not feeling too good.

Progress Isn't Made Overnight. It's the sum of little things over a long period.

I remember hearing when I was younger that life isn't about doing a million things poorly, but rather picking a few things and doing them well. The same applies to health. It's not about nailing it all the time, but just being consistent in the little things day to day.

One of our biggest values at The Peoples Gym is consistency. We preach it day in & day out to our coaches & to our clients. You can't have progress without consistency. It's the very reason why most people fail and never really achieve their goals. They simply just don't show up when things get harder.

Why do people stop showing up? Any number of reasons (obviously some reasons are legitimate...)

  • Lack of accountability from a coach or community

  • Unwilling or unable to work around injuries

  • Not used to being uncomfortable

  • Prioritise other things

At the end of the day it's everyones choice to do with their time as they please, but the reality is that if you want to make change, it requires consistency over a long period of time. Don't expect it to happen overnight (or in 8 weeks for that matter).

If you're reading this and realising that you have lacked the consistency and you're ready to make that change, reach out to us below and let's work together on building some more consistency & routine so you can reach your goals!


- Sam


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