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  • Sam Dennis


Being a personal trainer and specialising in the realm of strength & movement, it's not uncommon for us to see the same sorts of problems people are facing over and over again. Lower back pain, tight hips, sore knees, stiff necks, bad shoulders, arthritic joints... just to name a few. Often these things can be linked to one BIG factor. Lack of movement and activity. So here's 3 simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to start helping your joint health and overcoming some of that stiffness and pain.

1 - Move With Purpose For 10 Minutes Per Day

What do I mean move with purpose? It means that getting up to go get a snack does not count. Moving with purpose means intentional movement for your body.

  • Going for a short walk

  • Taking 10 minutes to stretch and move around

  • Lie on the floor and stretch (this is a REALLY good start)

Those are just some simple examples, here's a little movement protocol that takes 5-10 minutes you can bookmark and use each day to hit all those body parts that can get stiff!

2 - Use Load To Strengthen Joints

One of the big misconceptions is that lifting weights is bad for you as you get older... but it's actually the opposite! If you want to maintain bone density or muscle mass, it's important that your body actually undergoes a certain amount of load/weight. So while pilates & yoga can be great for movement, they often lack the load necessary to maintain muscle and bone density as we age. Instead, using appropriate loading/weight through a full range of motion with the right technique is likely the BEST thing you can do the maintain healthy and strong joints!

3 - Improve Your Mobility

The body is great at letting go of range of motion that it doesn't use, which is often why we get stiff & tight in the same areas. When we neglect to move into different positions (like squatting down) the tissues in our body lose their capacity for that range of motion, which then often leads to injury if you're forced into those positions without being prepared.

This is very common with lower back injuries when people pick something up or sneeze, it's not the action in and of itself that's bad, it's the fact that your body is not prepared for these forces/movements because you've lost the ability to access that range of motion and be strong in it.

So, if you're 40+ (or younger even) and want to either maintain or rebuild some of that joint health, start slow and begin to work on these 3 things.

  1. Try to move daily for 10 minutes in different positions & stretches

  2. Use loaded/weighted exercises or holds to strengthen joints/tissues and muscles

  3. Improve your mobility over time through stretching & movement

If you can tick those 3 things on a regular basis, you'll be in good standing to stay active, healthy and mobile for longer.


- Coach Sam

P.S - if you'd like some more guidance on how to stay strong, mobile and active, and overcome those aches and pains, here's 3 ways to learn more and connect with us!

1 - If you're local to Thornleigh, book in a free movement assessment!

We always start any new conversation with a free assessment to help you get a grasp of where you're at and what we can do to help! Click here to inquire and book your assessment!

2 - If you're not local but would love our support, we've helped dozens of people build strength and mobility online from all over the world!

We offer a low-cost, personalised approach to online coaching that allows us to give personal support, feedback and direction so you never feel lost or confused and can make progress with minimal equipment, time and space from wherever you are in the world! Register your interest online and we'll reach out to chat more!

3 - If you're interested but not in a position to work with us that's okay! You can get a tonne more free information from our podcast here, Simply Strong!


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