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  • Joel Dobbie

Personalised Training is THE Best Option For You

There are endless options for excercise, gyms and training these days, but when it comes to finding the right option for you, a personalised approach is going to be best 99% of the time.

The reason so many people miss their mark in terms of developing physically or reaching their goals, is because they're not intentional with their training and effort.

Group classes are great for a general base of strength, mobility and conditioning, and they are really fun. There are a lot of fantastic benefits you can get from doing group classes & bootcamps, but if you have serious goals and things you want to improve in, group classes just won't do it. At least not to the level you may want.

Why? The law of specificity.

A basic training principle which states that, in order to improve a particular component of physical fitness, a person must emphasise that component in training regularly. A training programme must stress the physiological systems used to perform a particular activity in order to achieve specific training adaptations.

In short, you are going to get better at the things you put effort into.

Let’s say you are a runner and you want to get your posterior chain stronger for running. You'll do that by focusing your efforts on strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, back, calves, and feet. That won't happen by accident, it takes intentional work to improve.

If you have tight hips or sucky shoulders and lack flexibility, wanting those things to magically fix themselves through generic group classes is highly unlikely. Improving those things will come from intentional effort and the right guidance week in, week out. The more attentive and focused you can be, the better the outcomes will be.

At The Peoples Gym, our PROJECT sessions are dedicated to getting specific on you and your goals. We hone in on what you want & what you need, and don’t leave things to hope or chance. It forms a bedrock for us to know and help our clients in a way that most group-based gyms can't.

The secret to a lot of clients success, if you will, is their dedicated personal time in which we coach them with intentionality and direction.

If this is something you're struggling with, make a plan, and take action. Be intentional.


P.S - If you'd like to discuss some ways we can help you, reach out via our website or email us at


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