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  • Sam Dennis

The Number One Reason Most Will Fail Their Goals In The New Year

Consistency is the cornerstone of success, especially when it comes to setting and achieving New Year goals. Many people start the year with ambitious resolutions, but without a commitment to consistency or a sustainable approach, these aspirations often fizzle out before they gain momentum.

Building consistency into your goals is crucial for long-term success because it establishes a sustainable rhythm and fosters positive habits. Whether you're aiming to improve your health, advance your career, or cultivate personal growth, consistent actions create a steady progression toward your objectives. And consistency only comes through a sustainable approach.

Where most go wrong is simply through trying to bite off more than they can chew and choosing an unsustainable amount of change or work.

For example, if your goal is to lose 10kg and run a 10km race, it's not going to happen in 4 weeks. It's likely not going to happen in 8 weeks either unless you're very dedicated to the cause and are willing to suffer. Even then, there's a larger change you'll just put weight back on after you're done dieting it off.

If you really want to make long-term change, it required a long term mindset and acknowledging that habit and lifestyle change takes time, effort and discipline.

The good news here is, you don't need to transform and change your whole life in a day. You don't need to become a gym-person. You just need to start with what you CAN do, and start doing that consistently.

A simple 10 minute walk each day, is a great step forward if you're not doing any activity at all.

Doing 1 strength session each week is a great way to start improving your muscle mass and joint health if you've never done it.

Small steps will look different for everyone, but the goal is the same. Consistency sustained over a long period of time.

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