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  • Joel Dobbie

"I Just Make It Up As I Go" - Compliance Is The Science

To keep this short and sweet, in order for adaptation (gains or progress) to occur first, we must be compliant long enough for the science stuff to work. The magic is in the consistent work. Seems easy right? It’s probably one of the biggest things people miss when it comes to training and seeing results.

How many people do we know that have been going to the gym for a long time, but they haven’t shown any physical change or they say something similar to “I’ve been going to gym for ages and not really seeing much progress” or “I just kind of make it up as I go”.

While there is room for experimentation, freedom and creativity inside the gym, most people that benefit from this approach have years of training experience, understanding of principles and have adhered to program cycles week in and week out for a long time. They have earned their stripes so to speak.

If you want to listen to us unpack this more, check out our latest podcast episode here! In the early stages of training one of the most beneficial and important things you can do is be compliant to what your coach is asking you to do and to the program that’s been thought out and planned for you. In order for the science stuff to do its thing we gotta allow enough time for it to work. Compliance means you show up regularly for your workouts and that consistency is ultimately what drives results. It also allows data and information to be gathered about how you are going week to week so your training can be tracked to see the progress. Compliance early on will stop you from doing too much too soon which could cause burnout or injury. It allows you to make sure your workouts are sustainable and set you up for long term success. Effective training is training that gives the right amount of stress consistently at the right time.

Once you have put the time and reps in you can start to understand the PRINCIPLES & WHY behind training and focus on more of the science side. All our members here at The Peoples Gym HQ have individualised programs designed through our coaching app so we can track their progress week to week, month to month and so on. Everyone's goals, lifestyle and starting points are different BUT through compliance to training and their personal programs we can start working on the science stuff to create adaptations and get them closer to their goals.

If you're struggling to see the results you want, don't look for the next best method, look at your compliance. Are you being consistent in your effort? Are you showing up and putting in the work even when it's hard? Have you been doing it for long enough? Get out there, put the reps in and make those gains! - Joel

P.S - Looking to get some help with your direction and strategies to progress towards your goals? Book in for a free movement assessment and we'll help give you some direction and and advice!


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